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Golf Sportwagen TDI - 15k mile thoughts

So I have had the Golf since may now, just about to roll into 15k miles. Just wanted to give some thoughts so far, now that is has been modded, been serving commuter duty, and been on a few road trips.

Illustration for article titled Golf Sportwagen TDI - 15k mile thoughts
Illustration for article titled Golf Sportwagen TDI - 15k mile thoughts

For one, since my last post I’ve added splash guards/mud flaps to it which you can see in the first picture. Something I’ve been wanting to add but the OEM ones are like $120 so I’ve been holding off, But I grew impatient and bought the $17 ones from eBay. Good news is they fit perfectly fine.


So secondly, this is by far the best car I have owned, it does everything I need it to. Great fuel economy (more on that later), comfortable but can handle, and will hold just about anything I need it to. At this point, I have had a full dining room table, 4 coffee tables, my dog + all of my luggage for vacation, and a 7 foot ladder in it. All of these are separate trips, but prior to this, I would have had to borrow my dads pickup for almost all of these things, which is a pain.

Now on the fun aspect. This car can be fun, really ! It is not fast at all but thats okay. It makes a great momentum car and the torque is fun to play with out of slow corners. The DSG is actually excellent and deciding what gear I need and if I put it into flappy paddle mode, it shifts exactly when I want it to.

Next is the fuel economy, it is good pretty much all the time. between 40 and 50 on the highway and 35 and 40 around town. While I was on vacation I drove from Ocean City MD to Rehobeth DE (About 35 minute drive) and got 59 MPG, that is a record for all of my TDIs I have owned. Anyways I average about 45 per full tank.

In short it is the best car I have owned as a daily. I plan to get it paid off early so I can just continue to enjoy it until it dies.

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