Got my car back from,the shop this morning and... It’s not good. 1st is hard and sometimes impossible to get and you cannot get reverse without grinding. I took a video of clutch half-assing its job. Things have not gone well. It sort of drives at least?


EDIT: I fixed the video link, I had it set to the wrong link share setting

Another edit: poking around on forums and my Bentley manual suggests a few things that should be done. First, I should check that the clutch over-center spring didn’t slip out and is properly functioning. Next, I should check that the automatically-adjusting clutch cable mechanism is properly functioning. This gives a few outcomes.

Outcome 1: over-center spring is not functional- either repair or replace it. This not functioning properly means I need to readjust the cable. If the spring is not functioning, that means the cable is not adjusting itself properly either.

Outcome 2: spring is functional, cable auto-adjust is not- replace the cable with a functional one, probably with a manual adjust one for moar reliable.


Outcome 3: both are functional. In this case, I will say fuck it and burn the car down for the insurance money. All $500 of it.

Another edit! (5:30 pm ish) I dug into it around 4:30. First thing I did was take a look at the cable with fresh (actually awake) eyes, and I noticed that the assembly was put back together incorrectly! The cable was supposed to be held on one end by the bracket, which should be separated by a rubber spacer from the “arm” that swings up and down. Instead, the rubber spacer was ABOVE the arm. So, I popped the bracket off (way more easy than it should have been), re-compressed the auto-adjust mechanism, and grabbed a friend who was walking by to pop the plastic bit that holds the auto-adjuster in place. Then, we put the whole thing back together. I gotta say, this was amazingly easy.


I’ve also come to the realization that the clutch cable was never properly installed. Not in the time I’ve had the car. I never had full use of the clutch- I no longer pop out of 2 if I don’t double clutch. I’m blown away. It’s a whole new driving experience. Thank god for good friends.

So, here’s the list of actual issues the car has now, from most important/annoying to least:

1. Rusty as all hell exhaust that’s patched in like five places. I need to replace this whole thing, it’s getting absurd.


2. Distributor (hall sensor is still bad)

3. Timing belt/water pump (the belt is less than 2 years/10k miles old, but the pump was never replaced when the belt was. However, I don’t leak any fluids, so this is not pressing)


4. Still get blow by and the air intake hose is oily. I should add a catch can.

5. There’s some issue with PCV. I have no idea what it is and haven’t read anything of it lately.


And that’s about it. There’s still rust, but it’s not bad, and a few other odds and ends I don’t really care about enough to fix, plus a broken aesthetic fog lamp lens. I need to just get new functional lights.