I gassed up so I don’t have to tomorrow morning in the cold before work (only $2.52- fight me California) and decided to go for a quick drive out in the boonies. I’ll be damned if I don’t still love this car every second I drive it. With the exhaust patched up, it gurgles nicely and crackles as the revs die down. With new front suspension (unsure if I posted that? It happened), it corners much better than before. The last few weeks have been pretty wet, so I spin in first and second if I’m not careful due to pizza cutter-esque section tires. However, if I lose traction in a corner, it slides predictably, tending to oversteer. The truck springs in back probably have something to do with that.

Jolene still is no looker. The paint is kind of uneven from nearly two decades of Texas sun- if you look closely in other pics, the 2012 Texas registry is still in the windshield. There’s a bit of rust on rockers from it’s recent Ohio life, and a small rusty scratch from a hit and run before my ownership. I’m not a fan of the smoked tail lights and side markers. But the most important thing? Beyond a doubt, she is mine.


Bonus booty shot:

Yeah, you can probably see my license plate. Don’t steal my identity or whatever?

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