Wes had a nice discussion the other day about turning his Outback into a decent camping rig. I’ve posted a couple of times about my WRX fulfilling camping duties. I was going through pictures of our latest camping trip and found this.

It is the perfect illustration of current thinking in regards to transporting Scouts. There were exactly two cars there and only one made it into the photo. I am standing about half-way down the parking lot and everything behind me looked about the same. In our caravan, all eight vehicles were either trucks or SUVs. I borrowed my wife’s Explorer for the trip so I could carry four Scouts.

This is one time I didn’t mind having the Explorer. While I have no doubts that the WRX could have handled the trip, the final mile would have been rough on the air dam.


All of this got me thinking about my next car. Subaru says a turbo XV Crosstrek is not in the works, so that option is out. There’s talk out there about lifting a WRX, but I didn’t believe it until I found this:


Now we’re talking!