Hey there good lookin'

(Neighbor's Lemons 2002 in the background)

Gonna have to do something about that front plate

Mmmm recaros

Old car and new car


I am very, very excited. Now I need to get up to the hill country and find some corners

EDIT: I also wanted to give a big shout out to Leif Johnson Ford here in Austin and my sales guy Leo Light in particular. When I first went into Leif Johnson on Monday they had literally just sold their last ST on the lot but Leo was still very helpful letting me know that they could order whatever I needed from other dealers or from the factory if I was able to test drive one somewhere else and also promised to call me once they got another one on lot. I drove from Leif to Maxwell Ford where they still had one ST and was able to test drive it which went well, but then when we went inside to talk they were extremely unhelpful. I was told that unless I was interested in buying the one they had on the lot they wouldn't be able to help me for a couple of weeks until after all the new year stuff had died down, and that they were unwilling to talk numbers unless I was ready to buy then. This was extremely disappointing because I didn't like the color of the ST they had on lot and a lot of the rebates were expiring on the 2nd of January. So I went home and fired up the old computer and found a 2013 ST (one of the last 5 in Texas) at a dealership 2 hours away with the exact options I wanted. The next morning I called up Leo at Leif Johnson and asked him if he could get it for me. 7 hours later they had it on lot. I picked it up today and I couldn't be happier with the service I got. I shot the shit with Leo for a while and he is a true car guy, especially Mustangs. He daily drives a '04 Mach 1 and has a 800+ HP drag Mustang running on 20lbs of boost and E85. Oh and he did all the work himself. Long story short if you are in the market for a Ford around Austin call up Leo at 512-454-3711 or email him at llight@leifjohnsonford.com. I'm not shilling for him because I know him, I'm shilling for him because I got great service from a real car guy