Gonna dab in that Miata life.

Not by choice, but it how it will work for a little bit. More on that below.

The auto-x group I run with is having insurance issues, & they want them to comply to SCCA/CASC rules (they are not SCCA/CASC affiliated) for insurance purposes. So they let me know I can’t run my Juke any more. It’s fine, but if it was on a more sticky tire I be concerned. The organizers are fine with it, but it’s their insurance that’s not. In all this happening it reminded me why I love the people I race with. I have had offers to co-drive other cars so I can still compete. So this Sunday I’ll be driving an auto-x prepped 2000 Miata. It kinda sucks, but the given situation brought our the good in fellow competitors. I’ve had offers for other cars to drive too, so I’ll won’t (*hopefully*) miss any more events.

The said car I’ll be driving. It won it’s class the past few years, so it’s well set up.

Now to look at coil overs so I can run the Juke again.

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