First of all, thanks for the advice on the Hyundai thing! And for the none of you who care, here’s what’s going on in my life right now: I hate my job. Again. It’s not the job so much as my boss, though. But anyway, the final straw came when he took back his promise to give me time off for Alchemy (a Burning Man type festival) and the Petit Le Mans next month. So I’m 99% sure I’m quitting, with the 1% chance that he gives in and changes his mind about changing his mind. Aaaand, I *was* going to drive for Bungii for a while (think Uber for pickup trucks hauling stuff) but they won’t let me start because my truck will be too old next year. So that brings me back to the thing I wish I had done a long time ago: getting a job at Starship, the adult video/toy store. Why there? Well, as dumb as it sounds, I’m kind of passionate about sex positivity. On top of that, where would a far-left-of-center, bi, feminine, trans person fit in better between a sex shop and a hypermasculine junk removal company? The biggest drawback to a 24/7 store is the chance of a robbery, buuuut my local Starship is across the street from a police station. So I mean.... the worst that can reasonably be expected is the occasional customer misconduct, and if there’s one thing I learned about myself while working at the movie theater, it’s that I get a bit of a rush from kicking people out. So, yeah.

Here’s the other thing, too: I already got offered the job before, but my parents convinced me to turn it down in favor of something that would “look better on my resume.” If I had taken the offer at the time, I’d almost certainly be a manager now at the very least. That looks better on a resume than just driving a truck and throwing away mattresses all day.


So yeah. I'm getting out of work early today, just by chance, and I'm going to run home, change, shave, and head right back out to Starship to reapply. Wish me luck!

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