You know, every now and again you get those opportunities that you really really wanna get behind. I have had one of those opportunities come up and it's a big'un.

I've been given a Porsche 944 to restore. It's not in the nicest condition at the moment, but after scowering the internet and seeing that the bare shells go for about £800 compared to somewhat restored 944's going for well over £3k. There are a few conditions with my opportunity, namely relating to the profits.

I don't have any photos at the moment as I'm on holiday in Turkey, but when I'm back home I'll be sure to update it. I've already seen Art Of The Flips post about the 944 and I do plan to follow it somehow.

I have 2 options;

Restore the 944 - All the bits are with it still, just needs bolting back together then the engine needs to be sorted out so it'll run again. (It's had a new engine fitted about 1000 miles ago)

Break the 944 for parts - I have no idea about the potential amount of money to come from breaking it for parts, especially considering the new engine. But that's my other option.