Goo-Net: An OH MY GOD YES brown 610 Bluebird SSS

I want a 610. Bad. So few of them survive, which is a shame, because they are mechanically identical to the much-loved and relatively abundant 510, only they have been blessed with this magical little thing called "styling". The 510 is a box of a car. A nice box, sure, but a box. The 2-door 610 looks like a baby Kenmeri and is awesome. The one to get from Japan would be an SSS, and whattayaknow? Here's one in brown, the king of all colors! 20 grand is pretty steep, but the rarity of these cars in general combined with how clean (and brown) it is makes this one a pretty solid purchase. At least to me. I know I'm a bit weird but whatevs, brown 610 SSS. It's awesome.…


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