Welcome back to another Goo-Net Challenge, where I gather a selection of cars off of Goo-Net Exchange that fit a specific category, then put them in a poll for you guys to pick which one you would rather have.

Today, we’re going with compact MPVs from around the world. Well, specifically...Japan, France, Germany, and Italy.

We start with Japan, and this 2007 Toyota Ipsum 240U G Selection.

Being a 240U means it’s equipped with the largest engine offered in the Ipsum, the 2.4 liter 2AZ-FE, which should be familiar to US Toyota enthusiasts, as it was offered in a number of vehicles here, including the original Scion tC, the final generation xB, and the last years of the Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe.


The Ipsum and it’s other versions in other markets were available with 7 seats, but this Ipsum is only a 6 seater.

The G Selection models also come pretty well equipped, including navigation, alloy wheels, power windows, keyless entry, ABS, ESC, and a backup camera.

This specific Ipsum is listed with 116,000km/72,079 miles on it and is listed for 320,000 yen/$3,181.55.


Our next entry comes from France, a 2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso.

The listing says it’s equipped with a 2 liter gasoline engine, though Wikipedia says such an engine was never offered in the Picasso, though a few different 2.0s were offered in the Xsara it was based off of, ranging from 123 to 164 hp.


The Xsara Picasso lacks a couple features that the Ipsum has, like navigation and a backup camera, but it does come equipped with a sunroof, something the Ipsum doesn’t have.

The Xsara Picasso also lacks a seat compared to the Toyota, as it’s only a 2-row with two seats up front, three in the second row, though those seats are easily removable to increase cargo space.


Listed with 88,000km/54,680 miles, this Picasso is also being sold for 480,000 yen/$4,772.32, making it not only older than the Ipsum and less equipped, but also more expensive.

Germany supplies us with our next competitor, the 2007 Volkswagen Golf Plus GLI.

Equipment-wise, this Golf Plus seems to fit somewhere between the Ipsum and the Picasso. No backup camera or fog lamps, but it has navigation and a sunroof.


What it also has is an engine that Wikipedia doesn’t list for the Golf Plus, a 2.0 FSI inline-4 gasoline engine.

Like the Citroen, the Golf Plus is only a 5 seater (2 up front, 3 in the second row).


The odometer reads 52,701km/32,746 miles, and is listed for 448,000 yen/$4,454.17, slotting it between the Ipsum and Xsara Picasso, but much closer to the Citroen than the Toyota, but also the one with the least on the odometer.

Finally, we go to Italy for our last contender, this 2007 Lancia Musa.

Yet again, the Ipsum has the upper hand on seating, the Musa also only seats 5 in the same arrangement as it’s other European competitors.


The Musa also comes undersized in the engine department, powered by only a 1.4 liter 8-valve FIRE engine, putting out only 77 horsepower (barely more than a US-spec Mitsubishi Mirage).

But, all of this size shortcomings, inside and out, also results in a smaller car that’s easier to park.


It has less on the odometer than all but the VW with 60,969km/37,884 miles but it’s not a cheap one.

It’s currently listed for 850,000 yen/$8,450.99, making it far more expensive than the others. You could buy the Ipsum and either the Golf Plus or Xsara Picasso for less than the price of this Lancia.

But...it is a more premium model from a more luxurious brand.

Now, this leaves a choice. Which would you rather choose?

The cheaper Toyota Ipsum that seats more and comes better equipped, but has more mileage on it?


The lesser equipped Citroen Xsara Picasso that’s also more expensive?

The Volkswagen Golf Plus GLI that’s well balanced on equipment, mileage, and price?

Or the pricey, underpowered, but small and efficient Lancia Musa?