As cool as the early 90s Kei sports cars were, they aren’t as cool as this. In fact, nothing in the entire world is as cool as this custom 1973 Honda Life Step Van, built by a man who we can only assume spent his whole life on second base.

There’s so much to love here. The sheer 70's-ness of it, from the custom paint:

The crushed orange velvet interior trim:

The fringe hanging over the dashboard:


Forget all other cars, this car is best car. You can’t top this. Nothing can. LOOK AT THE TINY LITTLE HAYASHI STREETS:

It’s currently being sold on Goo by my favorite classic car dealership on the planet, the legendary Takeey’s, for just under 5 grand US. Somebody please buy and import this little van, for no other reason that it’s the only vehicle in the world that would be improved by spilling bongwater in it.