Goo-Net Showdown - Mundane Sedans

It’s time for another Goo-Net Showdown, where three similar cars for sale in Japan on Goo-Net Exchange are compared against each other, and it’s up to you to pick which one you’d go for.

Today, it’s a trio of sedans that are either never made for the US or are at least somewhat different than ones offered here.

The first sedan falls into that second category...


This is a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. We got these here in the US, but there’s a couple things that set it apart from US market models.

One, it’s not a US-built, US market model but a right hand drive Korean-built one. Second, it’s equipped with the Theta 2.0L I4 that WASN’T offered in the US (we only received the Theta 2.4 I4 and the Lambda 3.3 V6).

This engine was good for 142hp and 138 lb-ft of torque.

Built in 2008, a year before Hyundai pulled out of the Japanese passenger car market, this example has leather seats, automatic transmission, AM/FM/CD/Cassette radio, dual-zone climate control, alloy wheels, fog lamps, sunroof, and more.


With 57,000km/35,418 miles, it also has lower mileage than some newer Sonatas on the used car market here in the US do.

This Sonata is listed for 490,000 yen/$4,392.55, the most affordable of the three here by far.


Next up is something from Germany, a 2006 Ford Mondeo Ghia X.

Aside from the ST and later added ST220, the Ghia X was the highest trim level Mondeo you could buy for the second generation.


Under the hood is the 2.5 L Duratec V6, producing 168hp and 162 lb-ft of torque.

This Ghia X comes very well equipped, with power adjustable leather seats, AM/FM/CD player, alloy wheels, HID headlights, fog lamps, an analog clock in the dashboard, and more, but no sunroof.


With 69,000km/42,874 miles, it has more mileage than the Hyundai.

All of this German Ford goodness can be yours for 670,000 yen/$6,006.14, more expensive than the Hyundai, but still a lot of bang for the buck.


Lastly, we have something French. It’s a 2006 Citroën C5 2.0.

2005 saw a facelift for the C5, which had been around since 2001, so it was a somewhat late mid-cycle facelift.


Under the hood is Citroën’s 2 liter EW10 4-cylinder engine, producing about 140hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. That’s less horsepower than both the Hyundai and Ford, but directly in-between on torque.

This C5 comes decently equipped, with AM/FM/CD radio with only buttons, dual-zone air conditioning, keyless entry, power windows, but no sunroof, and it’s the only one here without leather seats.


This C5 has slightly less on the odometer than the Mondeo, with 66,000km/41,010 miles on it, and is the most expensive of the trio, at 780,000 yen/$6,992.22.

So, the question is...which would you choose?

The more affordable Sonata with a sunroof, cassette player, and less mileage?

The Mondeo that’s very well equipped, has the most power under the hood, but lacks the cassette player or sunroof and has more mileage?


Or the C5 that is the most expensive, but has the least amount of hp and middle of the pack torque, no sunroof, leather seats, or cassette player?

The choice is yours...choose wisely.

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