Time for another debate on three cars found on Goo-Net Exchange, which I will now be calling the Goo-Net Showdown (No, it’s not trademarked).

The focus on this edition will be some speedy kei cars. No, there’s no Beats, AZ-1s, or Cappuccinos here, bu a trio of speedy hatches.

First up is one of the most well known performance-oriented kei cars: the Suzuki Alto Works RS, this one in RS/R form.

Built in 1993, this red/silver RS/R is equipped with a manual transmission and 4WD. It also has 171,145km on the odometer, or a little over 106,344 miles.

It’s listed for 199,000 yen, or approximately $1,675.37.

The next one isn’t EXACTLY meant to be sporty, but it’s turbocharged, AWD, and not exactly a slouch.


This is the Honda Z Turbo Super Emotion, introduced in 2000, with body colored bumpers, CD player with speakers, and tinted windows.

This specific example was built in August of 2001, and is the newest of the three.


With only 45,000km/27,961 miles (est.) on it, it’s the lowest mileage of the three.

It also has AWD, and is technically considered a kei SUV (Honda’s first and, to date, only such vehicle).

But, it’s the only one here with an automatic transmission instead of a stick shift (this car was only offered with a 4-speed automatic), but is mated to Honda’s E07Z I3, and the engine is mid-mounted, the only one of the three in this layout.


Of course, being the newest of these three, it’s also the most expensive, listed for 390,000 yen, or approximately $3,283.38.

Lastly, we have a kei car that has a bit of rally significance: the Subaru Vivio RX-R.


This specific example was built in 1995, has a manual transmission and Subaru’s famous AWD (as this was built BEFORE Subaru started selling kei cars that are just rebadged Daihatsus).

For those who don’t know, the RX-R was the car that Colin McRae made his Safari Rally debut in, back in ‘93.

With 119,000km/73,943.17 miles (est.) on it, it’s in between on mileage, and also on price: 350,000 yen/$2,946.63 (est.), though closer to the Z than the Alto.


So, now the real question: Which would you choose?

The older and higher mileage Alto with the lowest price, the newer and lower mileage Z with the highest price and the mid-mounted engine, or the rally proven Vivio with a price, mileage, and age that is in between the two?