After seeing Raphael posting the 917 vs. M1 video, it made me want to say about Cobra 11 to you Opponauts. Afternoon Oppo.

I loved this show! I remember watching videos of crash compilations on YouTube. The action is gritty and the crashes and stunts are spectacular and movie-like. Plus, the cars featured, like the unmarked police BMW 328i and Mercedes E350 Coupe, gets damaged with no substitutions like back in the E46 era (where they magically turned into an E36 as you can see above). However, thanks to RTL's copyright, there are less YT videos of Cobra 11 than before.

Since I live in the Philippines, there are flaws for me.

1. No English dubs

2. No local broadcast

3. Latest season/episode downloads are hard to find. Even on!

I wish I could be able to watch the latest season (Staffel 29?) and enjoy it all over again!