Good and bad news for the Accord

So the bad news, there’s no longer continuity between the two wires going to the sensor. I double checked my crimps, perfect continuity across them. I haven’t fucked with the sensor or those two wires since I got the good continuity reading last time (and yes I did have my multimeter set correctly to account for the resistance of the sensor.)

So the good and bad news, is that there’s still a problem between the connector and sensor. The good part, is that it might mean my ECU is fine. Since this Accord has a transponder from the factory, getting a new ECU would mean having to get the dealer or a locksmith to reprogram the key for the new ECU.


The bad news is that, that problem still exists. Hopefully I should be getting the OEM sensor in tomorrow and I’ll throw that in. My current theory is that the plastic on the aftermarket sensors is thicker than the OEM one. Because when I swapped between the two AutoZone sensors, it was a bitch to get the connector off.

So hopefully the OEM sensor will solve all my problems. And if so I will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy parts from AutoZone again. And preferably only OEM parts, or parts from RockAuto that actually fucking work.

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