Good Bike Progress (Finally!)

Decent work this weekend. Started tearing apart the ninja, got all the fenders off except the rear, it has one weird bolt in it (probably replaced) that I didn’t have the socket for. The new rad and fan are on, didn’t know this but the rad I bought came with all hosing and the thermostat housing, so I put the new one in. Just need to get the tank off next time I’m out there to derust and I can finish the hose install. While the tank is off, I’m replacing the plugs and cleaning the carbs (maybe rebuil, we’ll see). I also got the new thermal switch for the fan in, glad I bought one. Since I think mine was faulty on my old rad I just bought a new one for the new rad just in case, the switch looked to be in not amazing shape so it worked out. None of the fairings are going back on, going naked bike with this. New headlight/taillight/signals will be purchased once I get it running, and I will redo the cluster as well as it has a bunch of extra plastic. I’m not sure if it needs a valve adjustment but I will get it done anyway to be safe. Next year I’m overhauling brakes, suspension and repaint, but those are all good enough to ride this year for now.

As far as the triple, I got my 500 mile service done and my fender delete on. I also gave it a wash as it rained on the way to the dealer and the chain lube got all over.


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