I put a scratch on my 135is' front bumper a while back—it was my own dumb fault. Since it's a lease and I prefer my cars to be pristine, I took it in to a body shop that supposedly specializes in plastic bumper repair. They have really good reviews, but the girl who works the phones at this place...ehh not sure she's the greatest.


A few weeks ago I went for an estimate, and nobody was around. I walked around back to the shop and a guy talked to me to do the estimate. Mid-way through, this girl emerged from the bathroom and just kinda stood around looking useless while the guy did the estimate and scheduled an appointment.

I did a night drop last night, and called this morning on my way to work to confirm everything was set. Girl goes, "yeah all the night drops last night, we got those." Didn't ask my name, confirm what kind of car it was, say how long it'd take, nothing. I had to ask, "so the black BMW, that's today, and you've got all my info?"

Now she just called me to tell me my car was done, and she sounded like she was reading from a script.


(Side note: doing a google image search for "girl mechanic" is totally NSFW.)