A friend of mine needed a car, I have an excess of cars, and so now I’m one Volkswagen Jetta less.

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Overall I’d say my Mk4 experience was a positive one. I got the car in October, it owed me about $1200 and I got $1100 for it today. So basically it cost me $100 to use the car for 5 months, which seems like a win to me.

The only thing that sucked about this was that the car needed a new thermostat, and my buddy asked me to do it as part of the deal (originally we agreed on $1000, he offered me $100 to do the job and I already had the parts so what the hell?). It was not a fun job, though the actual thermostat part of it took 5 minutes. Taking the alternator off so I could get at the thermostat, that took an hour and a half.

So where does that leave me? Well, I finally got the Tahoe back from my mechanic just in time for my wife’s Escalade to lose a rear brake line, so that is getting towed to him tomorrow for the brakes and to fix a highway-speed vibration. It also needs a fuel tank vent solenoid and an injector, but I’m going to do those myself...then it’ll need to get inspected since it was due at the end of February.

Oh, also I’ll need to drive the VehiCROSS to work on Monday and it still has an exhaust that sounds like its just straight pipes. I picked up a new muffler and some flexible repair pipe to see if I can make it usable, but I’m not super hopeful.

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