Shamelessly Stolen From Google Image Search - There Is Literally No Snow Accumulation Here - Pic Used For Comical Reasons

The buildings on our street share a back alley with buildings on the next street over, our garages (and one gated parking pad for some reason) are all on the alley. Anyway, it’s a freezing cold, kind of snowy, very wet morning when I go to take some trash out. To my surprise, the guy who lives in the building across the alley from us is pulling out of his garage in his F430. Guess he’s going out to have some fun. Good for him, I suppose his wife took the RS5, leaving him to choose between the F430 and the XC90.

The guy in the next building over has a late ‘60s Lincoln that was curiously absent from there gated parking area as well, but was there last night. Guess he’s out having fun as well.