Beatrice (aka The Beastie) joined me for the final round of repairs at my mom’s house this week. If you can’t tell, she LOVES it here. It’s like she blends right in.

Early in the week, she spotted my mom’s old truck. She loaded up and waited for two hours for someone to give her a ride. Sorry, doggo, no rides in the back of the truck without a proper tether.


Other than the two-hours spent in the back of the truck, she’s been following me everywhere. Even when I’m walking back and forth throughout the house, she’s right there every step of the way. I’m sure she wishes I’d just make up my mind and stay in one place. All that walking is just tiring.

This wraps up my last week at my mom’s. It goes on the market next week. Even though she built this house after I left for college, I lived on this land for six very formative years. I’m going to miss this place.