We run into bad drivers pretty often. Occasionally bad enough that you want to drag them out of their cars and do a ‚Äúpublic service‚ÄĚ by taking their license away.

And then, once in a blue moon, you run into someone who who want to chase down and congratulate on being a good driver. Shout out to the driver of this Honda Civic.

- Took advantage of a gap to break into traffic in a competent manner, in no way impeding me or anyone around me

- Maintained steady and reasonable speed

- When stopping, allowed suitable buffer space without being hesitant

- Practiced good lane discipline, only remaining in the left lane when passing

- Sensible without being hesitant or overcautious‚ÄĒthis is HUGE for me

- Merged onto the highway closer to the car in front at a speed slightly greater than the lane they were entering, proceeding to brake very lightly and briefly to match speed


- Smooth transition from lane to lane (two highways split here, you have to get across 3 lanes in a hurry to get to the second highway) with vehicles in the way, requiring deceleration rather than acceleration to change lanes, completed without interference to other traffic

...a few of those points hit a little close to home. Anyway, 10/10 would drive behind again.