Good evening. (DOTS and trip pictures)

Greetings from the city of chowdah and lobstah.

My hubby and I spent the last 96 hours in New York. He was like a kid in the candy store. We went with another couple and they were show queens so we ended up staying in the theatre district which is basically the one place I despise the most in the world: Times Square. The trip was redeemed by breaking away and going to eat at some old classics like Gramercy Tavern and Gotham bar and grill. And Chelsea market is amazing

Chelsea market: whole California sea urchins.
Is there anything more classic than a Manhattan in Gramercy Tavern?
The best lamb merguez I have ever had. Gramercy Tavern
Cherry soufflé. Gotham bar and grill.

It’s New York so there is not much in terms of cars just by walking on the street. Jalopnik never even tried to contact me and offer their cars for me to drive 😂. I did find a couple interesting ones:

A GLA 45 AMG and a brown Audi S8


This morning we picked up a rental and drive to Boston I ended up with a Subaru Outback which basically make me crack bad lesbian jokes for the first half hour northwards. Honestly it was a much better car than I expected. The interior was not as chintzy as I imagined and while it is not fast it was more than competent for the trip .

Picture of car.

More stories and pics to come.

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