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Good evening. Here's an 11,600 RPM V8

Here’s a great new post on Speedhunters. Looks like your everyday, garden-variety Toyobaru. But then some Kiwis got ahold of it and now I’m impressed.


The engine and apparently the swap kit is made by Synergy Power in NZ. Individual throttle bodies, flat-plane crank, 11,600 rpm redline, 365hp; the stuff of dreams.

There was an earlier SH article about the same engine in a different car.


Raph also picked it up for


Here’s a quick video with some various exhaust clips. Glorious.

I know you’re thinking about the cost of this engine. The only figure I can find is from the Speedhunters post: $70k.


Well then. Would you rather have a well-optioned Cayman GT4 or a small Toyota with a 2.4L?

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