I’ve been contemplating a bike for some time now. I just want something to cruise around on in the city and don’t plan on doing any long trips or even time on the highway with it. I’m looking to spend as little as possible and see if owning a bike and riding is something I would enjoy. Bonus points if it is something simple enough for me to wrench on. I recently moved up to garage parking, which is great for storing and maintaining the bike. The lady in my life is also fully in support of this for the first time ever.

A friend of mine is selling his 1968 CB160. It has been a almost daily rider of his but he is after something with a bit more power and found a new/old Honda with a bigger motor a few hundred miles away and is going to pick it up.

So, for those of you out there who do ride - good first bike? I believe it is a 1968 and he is selling for $1,800.

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