So I’ve been doing some thinking, after having recently purchased a cheap car to learn to drive manual with: what if I want to drive it every day? I bought a brand new Accord last September (with the CVT, which is actually half decent) but I’ve been entertaining the thought of selling Accord (or perhaps waiting till I break even on the depreciation curve w/e), flipping the $500 car for (hopefully) a small profit and buying something for like $7k to drive everyday.

Ya, I probably should have taken the plunge and bought a $500 car before I purchased the car (didn’t consider it at the time) and I tried a bunch of different avenues to try and get some manual seat time before the purchase but they didn’t pan out.

I should also note that I’m financially stable and can afford the new car payment no problem, but with buying a $500 car it really makes you think about how much life you can get out of a car and how spending ~$7k can give you a daily driver to last quite a while (and not having a car payment would always be nice).

What say you Oppo? Would you keep the car payment and hoon the $500 car till she dies? Start a never ending process of trying to flip hooptie for a profit until you got something you want to keep forever? Try to find a good fun manual daily driver for like $7k (I like the first gen TSX’s quite a bit or maybe a NB Miata)?

TL;DR: Have an auto DD, learning to drive manual, want suggestions on ~$7k manual daily drivers (i.e. something reliable and fun).