I’ve never messed with window regulators before today, and I’ve gotta say that I don’t want to again any time soon.

There’s no room to work, and getting the window mounting bolts out was a pain. Since the car has no power to it, I had to jump the window motors with a drill battery to get them in the position I needed to work with. That wasn’t easy either.


Eventually I had the first one out and it took some time. Nathan had arrived back and pulled the glass out of the door for me. This allowed me to confidently go to the passenger side which was far easier since I learned the tricks fast.

All in all it was more tedious and patience testing than anything else. I’ve still gotta finish mounting the rails themselves and stick the glass back in the doors, but the battle is basically over. It’s so cool to look into the Rally Laser and see crank windows, these are so old school cool in the DSM community.

Finally I decided to grab the nice subframe I had reconditioned last week and prepared it for the polyurethane subframe bushings. This meant grabbing my Prothane grease and going to work. So I did and here’s the result:


Now we get to prepare for an engine overhaul for the Laser, and I was able to finally (after insane amounts of hunting) find some Evo beehives and retainers. Stay tuned for that one. Here’s a nice teaser:


Have a great weekend everybody!

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