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Good GTI vs Cayman [edit]

The last two weeks I have been moving toward stopping the search for a more sport-oriented car than the GTI. I have left it at work for several nights in that time, which I would be worried about with a Cayman or C5 Z06. It was fun at autocross, and also on the street when I wanted it. And it is easy to take my dog places and I loaded it with bags of mulch today.

I also was driving a company Equinox a bunch, and it is fine SUV, but I would not want to daily something like that, even if I had a fun car in reserve.


I’m going to give it a stiffer rear sway bar this winter and try to get some replacement OEM wheels since one is slightly out of round and I curbed 2 more. When I got the car I was sure to replace those wheels with something different, but they have grown on me and now I just want to clean them up if I find a set for cheap. I don’t want to pay for a set with tires, I’m loving the Michelin Pilot sport a/s 3 plus that I recently put on (at which time I learned which wheel was out of round).


I should clarify that the conflict is that the GTI has about 7 or 8/10 for what I want in performance, and about 10/10 for what I want in practicality. On the other hand, a true sports car should be 10/10 for performance, but would be about 6/10 at best for practicality due to ground clearance, dog/passenger/cargo capacity, operating costs, ability to leave it in sketchy places, etc. I was leaning towards emphasis on performance, but now I’m back to where I was when I bought the GTI, which is to prefer a pretty great compromise erring on the part of practicality.


Doggo at the park for your time:

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