I just bought a set of 15x7 American Racing Torq-Thrust Ds and a set of Firestone all-seasons for pop’s ‘01 Ranger to the tune of $960 before mail-in rebates. Why did I spend that much money on a vehicle that isn’t mine? Because pops and I carpool 100 miles each day to work and I’m 100% done with having the steering wheel shake at interstate speeds because the tires and/or wheels are out of whack. There’s the Miata for carpooling but the truck is comfortable and I don’t have to worry about not being able to drive if my left knee locks up yet again. We tried re-balancing the tires, the front suspension was recently rebuilt at the Ford dealership because the PO bent up the tie-rods, and we replaced the shocks as of February with new, factory-enough spec replacements. The Ranger has the stock 15x7 steel and chrome wheels with GT Grabbers, which are more of an on-off road tire than a commuting tire. Rather than do just wheels, I bought the Torq-Thrusts because they’re on sale for $114 rather than $205 ($204?) at 44% off!

I have no regrets, I’m looking forward to driving the what is possibly the only Bright Island Blue Metallic Ranger rocking these bad boys!

...I’m still going to spend money later on for the 19.5 gal fuel tank and LSD rear end. I’m building the ultimate factory NB2 Miata and now I’m onto building my version of the ultimate factory, street-focused, North American, 2nd-gen Ranger. :B