Good Job, Baton Rouge!

Baton Rouge was a gigantic sheet of ice this morning. With a profound lack of sand/salt trucks, most people did the right thing and just stayed home. I, however, did not. :)

What you see in the pic is nothing but ice. That’s what it looked like everywhere I went. I was shocked that I didn’t see any cars in the ditch!


I witnessed only two dumbasses on the road this morning. The first was in a mid-’80s S-10 Blazer. He was sitting sideways across two lanes of a four-lane divided highway. He finally got it together enough to make his way to the shoulder.

The second was in a late-model F-150 4x4. He kept spinning the rears and sliding all over his lane in a vain attempt to get traction. Sheesh, get off the gas!

This is why the South gets shut down at the least hint of snow.

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