Which is good, because I need it.

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There’s definitely something to be said for owning a rare car. You’re not going to see it everywhere, people will ask you about it, and the community is probably tight knit and well connected.


But there’s also something great about having one of the most ubiquitous enthusiast cars around, which is what I have in my ‘86 Mustang notchback.

If there’s a part you can’t get for your Mustang, it’s probably because you don’t know what to call it and can’t look for it properly. That happened to me the other day, actually...I was looking for what are apparently called door hinge plates. I couldn’t think of what to call them, couldn’t find them anywhere, then apparently hit the right combination of words and BOOM, 100 results on eBay and parts shipping to my door.

So now I’m just looking at parts I don’t even need, just kind of in awe of the fact that I can get them. Headliners? Sure. Quarter panels? You bet. Those little clips that hold the upper shift boot to the bezel? WE CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE NOT SELLING THEM!

Allegedly I’ve got all the hardware I need to put this car back together, but the bags don’t seem particularly well labeled. So I think I’m gonna spend $50 and pick up an interior fasteners kit, which comes with every screw I need to put the interior back together, labeled and bagged according to what they hold. If I had that, the interior goes back together in an afternoon, which would unclutter my garage quite a bit.


To this point, I’ve really only added one thing: I bought a set of seat rail extenders to move my seat back a little bit. I’ve also got a new shift lever coming...the car has a Pro 5.0 shifter, and I hate the tiny little lever it has on it. With the seat where I want it, I have to lean forward to shift, which doesn’t work for me. So I bought a Hurst lever that should bring it up about 4 inches and back 5...going to put the knob right where I want it, if my measurements were right.

I think for the money I spent on the car, this is really about as well as I could have hoped to have done. It’s all there, it runs great, and it’s cheap and easy to modify. Can’t really argue with it.

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