Odd drive into work

To begin, and semi tipped over on the freeway dropping glass across all lanes in the morning rush towards downtown.

While taking the little streets to work, i almost got rear ended by a bafoon texting in his art car. It was a 1992 ish Jetta covered in what it seemed to be sports trophies and bottle caps. Yeah, odd ass shit.

Then, this lady in a green Dodge Caravan was exploding in anger at every red light. At one particular light where she needed to turn right, the only vehicle in front of her was going straight. Yeah, she didn't have time for that shit lol. I actually heard her yelling as she was bashing her steering wheel.


Near work finally, there was a cement truck in front of me that looked like it was over heating or something at first. Then all of a sudden, one of its differentials just let go and it was spewing gear oil all over my car.

Finally 2 turns away from my job, a Bro Truck (Houston style which is not lifted but lowered on giant chrome wheels, dual exhaust, train horn, stupid 5000K HID head and fog lights purposely aimed up and on all day, and Nuevo Leon decals everywhere) completely clueless as usual, begins to spin the wheels covering my car again with mud and general street dirt/pebbles.


Just got back home from a beautiful weekend with my fiance in Mexico DF, what a welcome >:(

Thanks for listening OPPO-haulics Anti-Antonymous