This is my favorite coffee cup. (I actually have 2)

My mom won them in a bridge tournament and gave them to me for Halloween (my favorite holiday). I think she is a bit puzzled that I use them year round, but she is used to that. They remind me of the Groovy Goolies - did you watch it? All I can say in our defense is that there was not much content in those days, so we could not be too picky.

I got up early to continue my battle with the Vespa. The ebay seller sent me the wrong pipe for the exhaust, but promises to fix it. This is what the ad shows - note the pronounced curve.


This is my old exhaust, with what I received next to it:

This will not do. Hopefully, he keeps his word, because otherwise, the product is beautiful, and less than half the weight of the stock unit.

I pulled the exhaust despite this problem to inspect the rear brakes. Here is what I found.

I am going to have these rims painted black when it gets restored.
What an adorable rear brake.
It is a bit dirty, but things look pretty good.
Springs look ok.
Shoes actually look to be in pretty good shape. I was surprised.
Plenty of pad left, no?
They actually look pretty new.
No surface damage or burns.

I don’t think I need to change the shoes. A good cleaning, and I think it should be ok. What do you think?

I’ll have the Goolies take it from here. Happy Saturday!

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