Adding water to the pond this morning as I have my coffee, and clearing debris from the pump so it doesn’t burn out.

I think they are thriving. Sun, water, and a whole lot of fish poop is the key.
The fish like the incoming water. Who knows why? They’re fish.
Big ass leaves.
My mom got me the Buddha frog.


I am off to beautiful Stockton California for what promises to be a difficult mediation, albeit one that has lacks the more dramatic context of some of the other cases I have shared with you. However, it turns out, nobody is going broke, and there really is no drama. My client has a bad case and needs to settle. They know they are fucked, but they would like as low of a price tag as they can get. The difficult part will be whittling the number down.

But this weekend, I get to make ribs (I do it ahead of time) for my mom’s 4th of July party in Cayucos. If you happen to be in Cayucos next week for the holiday, keep your eyes open for the Vespa. We are bringing it with us.


I love my mom, but she has a few friends where, if I can’t go for a ride, I might lose my shit.