Toby says hi. These pictures show how he looks at me as I am making coffee and preparing his breakfast.

The last few days have been beautiful here. Yesterday, I had a really nice 2 hour round trip in the Sunchaser to the Ag Center in Tulare and did a seminar for some dairy farmers. I truly like these folks, and had a good time with them. One farmer is a car guy who is a FB friend, and he got to see the Sunchaser for the first time. This is his Jeep:


I spoke later with a client who had a former employee who was suing him break into his house with a gun, setting in motion a chain of events that I am still dealing with. He is willing to talk to the reporter who interviewed me, which is really nice. He wants to tell his story.

I took very aggressive actions to protect him when all that went down, and set up the trap that got the guy arrested at a deposotion (he was deported for other crimes). It kicked off a war with the guy’s lawyers across 5 or 6 cases and culminated with the lawyers suing me personally, which is the case that originally caught the attention of the reporter. I know it all sounds very silly, but it happened.


I think this reporter has opened the lid on a lot more interesting story than he first thought. None of this part of it has ever been told.

As for the break in, no one got hurt. My client is a Portuguese dairyman, so he had a bigger gun and the other guy fled.