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Good Morning

I hope our Cressida looks like this some day, but with fender mirrors.

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I have had a rough couple of weeks, so I am looking forward to Friday. I have the day off.

My plan is to wake up, and to clean and prep the Sunchaser. My wife will be off work about noon, and we will enjoy a 3 hour drive north to Sacramento a lovely city that suffers a cancerous tumor of political corruption at its heart. And the Kings, hoo boy, the Kings. Those poor people.


We spend the night, and then bright and early to the California Automobile Museum, a museum I have never seen. I have seen the awesome train museum, but not this one.

But we will not be there to tour, we will be there for vintage car rally! The Capitol Carrera is a 2 day, 500 mile rally. It is open to pre-1978 cars, but they make exceptions. Apparently, the Sunchaser was interesting enough to make the cut.


The mystery hotel (secret route) does not allow dogs, so Toby can’t go this time, which is a bummer. But it should be fun.

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