My pal is having breakfast.


Yesterday, I went back to work for 3 hours, which felt pretty good. One of my associates (she drives a manual and loves dogs) and my secretary put together a “get well” box that had these in it, which I thought was very thoughtful. It also had some games and puzzles, a dog magazine and a Hot Rod magazine. Also, a little plant.

I was very touched by this. I have had a number of peopl work for me over the years, but not many would do this. I certainly cannot think of any boss I would have done this for. I hired nice people.


Today should be interesting. I have to run my son’s Impreza for a follow up on his low-reading gas gauge. They replaced some sort of sensors, but it is still reading low. In July, thanks to CaptDale, it will be getting a new timing belt and fresh head gaskets.

Today should be an interesting day. I was supposed to be in Colorado today speaking to a bunch of dairy and livestock providers about immigration law, but I could not fly. So we are doing it by livestream, 2 sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This company is trying to bundle a full range of dairy and livestock sevices and experts around the country, with me as the labor guy. I am going to be tired tonight, but it should be good.

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