This day has not started in the best way.

First, I had a really vivid dream that I went to court wearing shorts and a casual, white button down shirt with a giant ketchup stain on the front. Most of the dream was me trying to talk the clerk and baliff into letting me appear despite rules of court requiring coat and tie.

I went out to the carport to look forlornly at my missing cars and borked Vespa. Then I saw the little guy at the top of this post parked under my tire. There is a mockingbird shrieking in a tree in that area right now, which means they probably shoved this baby out of its nest and took over the nest. Mockingbirds are assholes and it is what they do. I am going to move it out of the way of the wheel with a broom, but it is doomed. Its parents have been evicted, and a kitty will be by before too long. Nature is rough.