What most lawyers will never admit is that even the best of us have days where we get our ass kicked by this stupid game. It is just the way ot goes. Toby is very needy today, as he does not like the amount of time I have been gone this week.


He was very cuddly last night, and he always gets after me with the toy when he is feeling neglected.

I have some ideas on how to fix my problem in the case. I was not aware of a statute that expands my client’s exposure - it was a poison pill in a larger bill and I missed it. BUT I am sure the law was passed after most of the litigation started, which may be our saving grace, as civil procedure teaches is that substantive changes in law usually do not apply to pending cases. I will be assigning the research this morning, and you Oppo lawyers out there are getting CivPro PTSD. Yesterday was my moment of panic, but there is no other option but to find a solution.


I am too late to register the Sunchaser, but I may take a ride around the corner to this car show. I know there are some aviation Oppos, and Sierra Skypark is a neat place. From Wikipedia:

“Sierra Sky Park was created in 1946 on 130 acres (52 ha) nestled against the San Joaquin River, and is the first residential aviation community in the world. William and Doris Smilie are credited for creating this airport/neighborhood hybrid and in 1953 built the first of the 110 homes in the project.[2] Residents can land, taxi down extra-wide avenues, and pull up and park in the driveway at home.[3]



It is kind of cool to have such an unusual community right around the corner, and even cooler to see homes with planes tucked in the garages.

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