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Good Morning

I got nothing today Oppo.

There was a bad hit piece on me on the local news, with a nice interview with the Plaintiff and his lawyer telling their tale of woe in a wood paneled law library.


I missed the offer to meet their camera crew to tell my side. They didn’t even call me for a comment. Damn. I don't even ask them to be fair, just let me get a couple of words in.

Interviews yesterday were good, and I remain highly stressed about financial strain. I have an employee who it seems like wants to get fired, even though I want to turn things around.


So here is a hiring question. Interviewed an applicant for a paralegal spot who was very impressive and had the most glowing letter of recommendation I have seen. He has a BA, and ambitions for law school, and presented extremely well.

After the interview, an attorney who works for me googled him, and there is a story about him being f arrested at 18 (6 years ago) in an armed robbery with a group of teens. Is it weird that I really am not worried about it? Whatever his history, it looks like he left it behind.


Am I nuts?

I guess maybe I had a little something after all...

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