I am struggling with some sort of low grade stomach illness. I went to bed at 730 last night and have been up since 330 am. Mrs. IM insisted that I skip the treadmill today. If I felt worse, it would be easier to just shut it down, but I will push forward instead. Lucy, at age 16, just wants breakfast.


Pumpkin enjoys my 15 year old’s gaming time. The Subie estimate came in at a clean $2,770.00 (new parts). It could be worse depending on whether they find more damage.


I am giving the guy the estimate. At this point, it might be better for me to go with the carrier if they will give em $3800 for the damn thing. My son has been texting me graigslist ads for cars that his mother would never let him have.  He is bitter about the "don't expect to take a car to college" thing.

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