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Good morning

I like the early mornings. As the weather gets warmer, I have my coffee out here with Toby and usually Pumpkin (she kind of orbits all the time). Toby follows me everywhere.

I am tired and a little cranky; the lovely road trip I did this week will have long term benefits but puts me behind in the short term. My new assistant commented that I receive about 150 emails a day, so being out backs things up.


It will work out. My pal from SoCal is coming up to visit. He will be doing some handyman work on my office, and we will hang out and play with my machines. Of course, a hike with Toby is in the works.

I have a bunch of shit to do today, and I failed to get the Sunchaser to the exhaust shop yesterday. I may fail at that yet again today. I am volunteering at CART this afternoon.



I am not sure that I am any good at working with the kids, but the teacher is a really nice lady and when she emails me I can’t say no. So they are working on a mock murder trial based on Hamlet, and I am going this afternoon to give them some coaching. I wish the teacher was a mean old crone so I could say no, but she actually smiles all the time and thanks me profusely for showing up. So here I go again.


I hope Friday and the weekend treat all of you well.

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