Good Morning

Rainy day today. They’ll be skiing at Mammoth until August, and our state has no way to store this bounty of fresh water.

I am going to fart around and do some shopping today. Anyone got dash cam or Go Pro type recommendations? I am looking for something I can move between vehicles. I would like to make some videos of road trips. I also need to rearrange some of my parking area, and I need to order a bunch of Fiat parts. Mrs. IM and I have been talking about going to see Endgame, but I it feels more like obligation than entertainment, and I am not sure I want to commit 3 hours to a superhero movie. The whole comic book/CGI blockbuster thing lost me a while ago.


We watched Bumblebee as a family last night, and it was shockingly good. The last few Transformers movies blur together for me (not in a good way), and sometimes I think scenes from The Happening were in the Mark Wahlberg one (or were there 2 Marky Mark Transformers movies? I can’t remember). Some days, I swear that John Leguizamo killed himself because the grass was mad at Optimus Prime.

The story in Bumblebee was an old trope, but the fighting robots did not feel seizure inducing like in the Michael Bay ones and you could follow the action. The transformations were actually mechanically credible, instead of looking like an LSD induced seizure.


Also, it refreshingly lacked pervy, slo-mo camera work focused on young girls covered in baby oil and water droplets. I liked this, because the other movies were pretty consistently creepy. This is the middle aged dad criticism. Someday you’ll be old too, and you’ll look at that sexy young thing and see somebody’s daughter. Either that or you turn into Michael Bay and ogle them. Don’t be that guy. It is not a good look to be a middle aged creeper. Just sayin’. Let’s move on, and just say I liked that the girl in this stayed clothed and away from bikinis and creepy close-ups. Good job director, she was N appealing lead without having to tart her up. Her goofy friend was also fun, and the two leads had great chemistry without them having to have a big love scene moment.


Iliked that the movie had smaller stakes, and the villians were not all powerful. I miss when they used actually blow shit up in the movies, though. CGI never holds up like practical effects. Most of this generation of movies will be unwatchable in just a few years. Yes, I am old.


I hope you all have a good Sunday. Pumpkin thanks you for your attention and encourages you to make wise and prudent choices. She will judge you for them.

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