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You see, it is my law firm, and if I want a dog to be Vice President, well, this is AMERICA dammit, and my dog WILL be Vice President. Besides, he is way better than any law partner I have ever had, and at one point, I had 22 of ‘em. That was kind of like having a bad case of warts, and the relief of being free of them is worth the discomfort of the treatment. Someone called the other day and insisted on speaking to the office manager. She said that she didn’t have any interest in our legal practice, but she wanted to tell us that she likes our Vice President. No one was surprised.

I have to go to Costco today and pick up banners to publicize the band fireworks stand. Then I have to zip tie them to some designated fences. Then I have work to do, and I am hoping to get out for a long ride in the country on the bike. The weather has been lovely here. The high yesterday was 93, which hits between 4 and 5 pm. That means most of the day was in the 80s and pleasant. I rode a little, but that just made me want more.


I hope I am not betraying a confidence here, but please send thoughts and prayers to our friend Peter Black - another British bike has traveled beyond this plane of existence. Yes, my friends, the inevitability of a British electrical demise should soften the blow, but in this case, it is a bitter pill for our young friend to swallow. Don’t be mad at me Peter, you need the support of your friends at a time like this. We have all faced the vehicular downward spiral, and know the terror of looking into the abyss.

Yes, I am using your bike problems to amuse myself. I can't wait for your post with pics of the tragedy.

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