Good morning

I was able to get a picture of fake car badges as they were taking down the set.


They were really careful about trying to put everything back. They cleaned off the lettering on my tires and they put my rally stickers back on. My Black Flag sticker could not be restored, but that one is easy enough to replicate. I got home really late last night, and I am tired this morning. But all in all, it was a good experience.

Yhe owner of the CR-V you see above showed up to pick up his car and he was downright giddy. Apparently, his car is the star of the commercial. They shot for three days (yesterday being the third) and his car was there for all three days. I know this because he made sure that I knew it, and he asked me how many days my car was involved. He looked like he felt sorry for me when I told him just the one day. So the commercial is going to be something about the CR-V and it’s driver going various places and encountering other people and cars. Perhaps Steve and the Sunchaser are the are the villians in this tale...

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