Good morning and Toby project update


The CBD did not improve his limp, and I did not want him on the NSAID prescribed by the vet long term. On the advice of a friend who suffers from arthritis, I bought this stuff. My friend says these ingredients worked miracles for her.

It seems to be working for my pup. His limping has improved significantly. After an active afternoon at Hensley Lake yesterday, he was happy and playful at home, where of late he has been stiff and gimpy after exercise. He is cheerful and active today (mornings have been gimpy) I am hoping this is the solution. Toby is a very good dog.

We ran into some other dog people at the lake, and they remarked on how good his manners are, and lamented their dogs’ poor behavior. One man, who seemed very nice, did an impressive flying full body tackle to get his dog to not attack Toby. A tiny lady with a giant dog straining at his leash to either kill us or kiss us. She seemed exasperated with Toby, “How do you get him be so good?”


Toby is just a good boy through and through. It is all he knows.

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