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Good Morning. Do you want to help me buy a car?

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Toby hopes you Oppos have a good day. The Sunchaser is supposed to come home today, and the guy with the stinky CR-V is not responding to messages. Alas, its stench may have found a different home.


So maybe we can make this an Oppo project for those who want to play. My budget is about $6000, but I would stretch for something impressive. However, I would like to save money if I can, as surplus $$ will go into the Cressida.

The car is for my 17 year old son, who wrecked my dad’s Sport Trac only a few weeks after getting his license. We are past the part where he eats crow for his mistake, and we are turning our attention to the future. This car purchase must be approved by his mother, who will be the toughest critic. Here are the criteria:

1. No cool old cars. He certainly is not going to be rewarded for this mistake, and he knows he has set back the T Bird restoration. Mom will not approve anything without airbags.


2. Reliability and safety are key considerations. Fun factor and looking cool are low on the priority list. See why the stinky CR-V had appeal?

3. I would prefer to look in Fresno, but I would do Modesto and Bakersfield possibly. I have friends in LA and SF, and even Sacramento or San Diego, if you find something you think is truly remarkable.

Have some time to waste? Help my son find a car!

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