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Good Morning from a shoebox

This is the smallest hotel room I have been in, at the Hampton Inn on Mission in San Francisco.

This photo doesn’t capture it, because I was backed up against the door when I took it.


I am in SF for an “Early Neutral Evaluation,” an alternative dispute resolution process where we state our case in writing and orally to a third party neutral who tells us who he thinks will win, a d tries to get us to talk settlement. This was ordered by the court, and I have never done it before. I think it is basically mediation by another name. I actually suggested it because my client is stubborn and this was the only way to get him to even think about settlement (which is the smart thing to do).

It is an entirely uninteresting class action about wages and meal breaks for strawberry harvesters. Here are the basic facts. Everybody did ok, and nobody complained. Workers averaged over $16 per hour, and no one ever went home having made less than minimum wage for the day. Lawyers hooked up with a disgruntled employee, and make a technical argument about the calculation of incentive pay. They also say lunch time was shortened by handwashing and exiting the field.


It doesn’t matter if its true, I know how this story ends. We will litigate for a while and cost my client money until they get sick of it and settle. The workers will get a pittance, at most maybe $1000 for the longest term people, and the lawyers will get six figures. Justice!

If you hadn’t guessed, I don’t want to be here.

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