Good morning from my friends

These two are developing a bond. Pumpkin really likes Toby, and regularly rubs herself against him. He does not appear to mind.


The three of us have somewhat of a morning routine, as I am an early riser and usually the first one up. I get them some breakfast, they go out, and then they sit near me while I have coffee.

My travels ahead:

Today: Fresno to Santa Barbara (235 miles)

Tomorrow: Santa Barbara to Monterey (240 miles)

Friday: Monterey to Fresno (150 miles)

In between, I run a side trip to Camarillo for lunch with Oppo His Stigness, slowly adding to my list of Oppos I have met face to face. It’s like a real life Pokemon Go game, but with Opponauts. I am stalking all of you in extremely slow motion.

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