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Good Morning from the Travis County Sheriff's Office

This was the scene outside my window when I woke up this morning (my house is at a T intersection, and this is looking out my front window down the cross street). The TCSO had brought their urban assault vehicle and SWAT team to perform a drug raid on a house down the street. Lots of heavily armed cops, and more than a few UC cops wearing balaclavas or face scarves. I’ve often wondered about that house; it’s always been kind of shabby, with four cars in the drive (one of which is a Miata). All the cops would say is that they were serving a warrant, but the neighbor who lives directly across the street from the house used to work for the local news and he made some called and confirmed the drug bust. He also said that the owner is actually pretty nice, but “he opens his house to lots of friends.”


The guy in the tee shirt is a detective, and I think I talked with him a couple of years ago when some neighbors got together and asked the cops to keep an eye on a house with some weird goings on.

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