Around here, 30 is important because below 30, the citrus will freeze. I saw this over the weekend at the pet store.


I found this to be terribly confusing. Why would a person do this? There are many, many car modifications and enthusiast products that have no personal appeal, but yet I understand them. Yes, I even understand the appeal of TruckNutz. But this one loses me. Was this a custom job, or is there sufficient demand for this product? It made me sad. Who does this?

I will be running my first batch this afternoon. I will post the details. I consider this a buffer against Monday. I am sure you understand.


Today I offload my Mushroom Rally tickets to some California Oppos. My new assistant is very confused as to why I would buy tickets to a Mario Kart themed go kart racing event in the first place, much less why I would then give them away. Ah, but I think you understand me.

I think I may have already posted this

You Mario Karting Oppos know who you are, and I am publicly calling you out here. I have gifted you these tickets so that you can represent Team OppoRacing. I expect you to make a good showing for the pride of Oppositelock, which could include anything from winning to losing spectacularly. I know I speak for the entire site when I say that if you do not post the details of this event, then God have mercy on your souls.

If you fail, I will personally pay farscythe to recruit some psychotic adolescent Dutch boys (apparently they have plenty) and we will let them loose on your neighborhood with powerful fireworks that we will bring in illegally from Mexico in the spirit of global economic cooperation.

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